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Tools at your fingertips... The Hoffman App!

Here at Hoffman we've come up with the perfect solution to keeping the Process alive in your life - the Hoffman App.

Don't miss out! Download the Hoffman App today.


This App gives you the chance to stay connected to your Hoffman experience. You can work through the tools, express how you feel and receive ongoing Hoffman support and encouragement. Almost like having a Hoffman teacher in your pocket! See more examples in a PDF file

It's quite normal that when you leave the Process you are full of commitment to practice the tools on a daily basis. But as time goes on, we sometimes hear that people have forgotten how to use the tools, or 'don't have time'. We are now able to provide you with an App that gives you 'Tools at your Fingertips'. 

How are you feeling today?

Try our Feeling Wheel: Type in how you're feeling and spin the wheel and a top tool or suggestion will be given to you as if by magic.

Caught in a Vicious Cycle?

Use our Vicious Cycle drawing tool to work your way out of negative behaviour. You can even share your exit strategies with your friends!

Having a Dark Side attack?

Banish those unwanted messages by taking control and erasing the Dark Side from your day. Use your fingers to physically erase the image of the dark side until it has all gone. You can do this as often as you wish.

Good Morning Quad!

Your App will guide you through a Quad check-in either as an audio meditation or you can follow written instructions. You can archive your experiences and track your development days later.

Need to express that pattern?

Imagine the chance to hold the yellow Wiffle bat in your hand again. Well now you can with our Bashaker Tool! Grab your phone in two hands and spend some time focusing on and expressing energy associated with a negative pattern. Release the energy but don't release the phone!

Caught in a Transference?

The Hoffman Transference tool can guide you through the steps to acknowledging a transference and letting it go. The person you're expressing a transference to doesn't even need to know what you're doing!

Other Tools at your Fingertips

Other Tools at your Fingertips include a place to write a daily Journal or add images to your Vision Board. The App gives you space to record share thoughts and inspirations with your friends or via social media. Available worldwide. Current languages are US, UK English, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, Argentinian Spanish... Spread the word! 


And if you want a quiet moment away from the noise of the world around you the App provides you with several Audio Meditations from around the world. Listen to Recycling or a Centering Visualisation or enjoy a Light Journey or I am that I am.

Coming up in the future...

Imagine being able to find out if there's a Hoffman Graduate somewhere near you? As part of ongoing updates to the Hoffman App, we will be introducing a Hoffman Buddy geolocator facility. If you have chosen to make yourself 'visable' then you can see other Hoffman Graduates who might be standing right next to you. We are yet another step closer to Bob Hoffman's vision to spread Peace in the world, one person at a time.



Troubleshooting Tips

Already got the App, but having problems? 
Some helpful troubleshooting tips can be found on our support page here.

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